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Thread: Apple is the shiznit!

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    Default Apple is the shiznit!
    I just had to make a thread for this.
    Yesterday my sister said her AT&T 3g 8gb wasn't working properly. Okay fine, I said I'll bring it in to an apple store. Went there and the lady said she can't replace it because it isn't important, "if it turns on, and can make calls" and it's the stores discression to replace it. She then started talking crap to me personally "you spoiled kids think you can just walk in and get anything you want on demand, then she later tried to sell me a 500 dollar 3gs." "i told her thats why you work FOR someone, and you'll NEVER own anything for yourself, you stupid *****, learn customer service", throwing a huge commotion as i left the store.

    Well I called apple, complaining that the 20 minutes I argued with that lady, she could have replaced my phone in 10 minutes, and she was trying to teach me a life lesson or something. I told him I don't want a new phone anymore, I'd like to file a complaint then cancel my account, and I'll just go buy a pre. The apple rep was super nice, he said don't worry about it, he'll take care of it, don't even worry about shipping, well send u a replacment phone next day air. I said fine that's great...

    Well this morning I check my mail, and there's a 32 gb 3gs in the box. I call apple, and they said they know they sent me a 3gs, it's fine, just send the old phone in. They even apologized for the way the lady at the apple store behaved, and actually thanked me for calling in to make sure.

    Overall I just had to share this experience. I love apple.
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    what's the lesson?
    be glad when someone pisses you off, as you will get repaid.

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    wow that was lucky ... good thing rude people are everywhere in the retail world

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    I hate when adults tell kids that "you spoiled kids think you can just walk in and get anything you want on demand" DUH! That's how the internet and technology world WORKS. Everything is ON DEMAND.

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    lmao. any apple geniuses want to come piss me off?
    I always feel sorry for the guy in the iPhone commercials. He always gets a call right in the middle of trying to do something

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    WOW. Glad it worked out for you

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    Just called that apple store, asked when that particular lady will be working. She gets in at 5, i'll be stopping by, just to explain to her how the world is much bigger than her, and her "you must set an appointment" mentality. Unless she gets fired when she shows up today lol, then i'll have my camera ready to take the video n post it up on here lol.

    But upon further investigation, apple sent us a replacement for MY phone, (a white 32 3gs, on tmobile), thats what the email said...

    Kinda crazy... I did use her sim to activate my phone, back in the day when purplerain was the only option, but only used it once, and its been in her phone ever since.. But they sent her an exact copy of my phone.... Yet on the phone with the apple guy, we clearly confirmed black 8g... Maybe its a loop hole apple tech's can take advantage of, for "special" people?

    I called again just to make sure, I talked to the same gentleman from yesterday, he said he knows we had a black 3g, and he knows we used a white 32gb for about 10 minutes, "don't worry about, i'll personally waive the fees when I receive your old phone." "Thank you again for calling, sorry about the situation yesterday, I hope you have a great day", I was in shock lol, all i said was, "bro you just made my week".

    Now i just hope they don't blacklist my phone or something... that would suck...
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