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Thread: SBSettings randomly bricking...

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    Default SBSettings randomly bricking...
    I was going to see if anyone else was having this problem. I was setting up 3G iPhone the same way I always do. I did a DFU restore to 3.01. Used RedSnow .8 to jailbreak. Cydia did its update thing with no problems.

    I then added SBSettings. It's the main reason I jailbreak. After it download/installed, I hit respring. All of a sudden, the screen goes black. The backlight is still on, but nothing is on the screen. I tried a hard reset, but it booted up past the apple logo into the same problem.

    I thought it was weird, but maybe just a random bad install.

    DFU'd, restored, re-jailbroke. Added it again, same problem.

    I believe the version number on SBSettings was 3.4

    Any ideas?

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    in 3.0, the screen always goes blank after a respring(it does this on mine, too), and sometimes after a reboot. It should turn back on(not be blank anymore) after it is done respringing or rebooting.

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    The screen stayed black for well over 2 minutes after respring. I've never had one take more than 15 seconds...

    Could I get some more help with this please?
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    Not sure that you have a problem. I have had it take a minute or so also, never really timed it.

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    Tried it again today. After 10 minutes, still no respring.

    Downgraded to 3.0, and had no problems. Maybe it's still unstable with 3.01.

    Not really a big deal. I'm not too worried about the text vulnerability.

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