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Thread: Need help with modding music player

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    Default Need help with modding music player
    Hey all

    I'm making a theme at the moment, and I wanted to make a music player skin to go with it. However, it's kind of difficult finding any information on how to edit the bits of it. I want the normal interface to look something like this:

    With like, the titles of the music over the top. In fact, I'd like this to be the default kind of look for any app which has that kind of interface.

    So the question is, how?

    First, how do you change the bars at the top and bottom, and second, how do you change the background? I could only find limited information on the first, and then lost the link. I'm assuming the second is either somewhere I haven't looked, or in other.artwork.

    If so, which image is it that I can change? If there is one.

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    most of those images lie in /System/Library/CoreServices/ ... some may also lie in /Applications/ ...

    best is to download the entire folder and look for it, I can't look for the exact filenames right now but you can figure that out on yourself easily.
    note that you need a converter to view the images on the iphone.

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    I've managed to extract the UI images from other.artwork. I cannot, for some reason, get the images from /Applications/ I can see them through winscp, iPhoneBrowser etc, but whenever I copy them they end up corrupted or somethign. I can't read them. I dunno why.

    Thanks for the help with the other location, I was wondering where those images were.

    edit: hang on, I can't get those images off my ipod either. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I'm using iPhoneExplorer, but I get the same issue with WinSCP.

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    oh yeah, I totally forgot about other.artwork ... that's where you need to look, right.

    you are not doing anything wrong. Like I said, you need to convert those images ... I know there is an app for that for Mac OS, I'm not quite sure about windows ... when I google it I come up with this:
    [ame=][HOWTO] Convert png's from the iPod Touch for use on Windows/Mac - iPod touch Fans forum[/ame]

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    Thanks for that, the program works great. I'll see if i can find the images needed, hopefully I can =]

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