Ok, I have a task that I need to get done and I have a few ways of doing it.
I'll be completely straight up, I am in high school and I like to txt. It happens to be that I am in a very small school and it is easy to get caught, mainly due to the fact the fact my classes usually consist of about 8 people.
So I started thinking about a couple of ways to send txts via my phone, but on my computer so as not to get caught.
I could use the iPhone PC suite which will allow me to do that, but my only problem is that for some reason I couldn’t connect the phone to my ad hoc network, (which btw is part of the restrictions) maybe I am doing it wrong, a link to a guide would be nice.
I could also use Veency but I still run into that same problem, being that I have no Wifi, only Ad-Hoc.

Maybe there is something else I could use, any Ideas would be gratefull
I am running windows 7