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Thread: Where's the VoIP ??

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    Question Where's the VoIP ??
    greetings fellow iPhoners and cubicle monkeys.

    I know there are several VoIP apps out there such as Fring, Skype, and Google voice. The main problem with these apps are the conditions required in order to actually use the VoIP services they provide.

    For instance, Skype and the app I use most often, Nimbuzz, both require that both callers setup an account (proprietary or existing IM accounts like AIM or YIM) to use the application in order to benefit from VoIP. The Google Voice app only forwards your VoIP calls to your actual mobile number, which completely defeats the entire purpose of the VoIP option as it is still eating away at your plans minutes.

    What I'm hunting for here is a VoIP service that does not require both users to use the same software in order for VoIP to work. For many in my contacts list, they lack the technical know-how to install and configure and use the existing services I've listed or they do not have smart phones to begin with. I'm hunting for an app that takes the whole software dependency out of the equation at for the person receiving the call from me.

    Given the number of apps out there I've found it is easier to put this question to the community as I'm sure many of you out there have come across a broad range of apps and can quickly point me in the right direction.

    So, what VoIP apps have you all found that can make my VoIP wishes come true? My motivation for this is to get rid of my AT&T service and exclusively use VoIP and the free SMS messaging services that I already have.

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    Give a program called SIPHON a try if your phone is unlocked. With it, you can pick and choose whichever VOIP provider that gives out its SIP credentials. There is another one called SIAX but that's $6 I believe. I don't know how you're going to be able to get rid of AT&T though, as VOIP would only work where you have a WIFI connection or 3G.

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    skype can all every phone number btw. the other user does not have to have skype. sure it costs ya, but you can't just call an actual phone number without charge ;-)

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    I use truphone, or voip.. They're both great. Paid services but well worth it. Voip lets you get incoming calls as well! It's in the app store!

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    I believe truphone uses their proxy to proxy the calls. In the app store two apps don't proxy your calls but let you connect directly to your VOIP provider; iSip and Acrobits Softphone. You'll get much better voice quality with these two solutions. For an unlocked phone definitely use Siphon which is free and open source (I think) or SIAX which is not free. You can also receive phone calls on Siphon (not sure about SIAX) and also use it under AT&T 3g which you can't on the apps from the App store.

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