I made the mistake of donating and downloading this app thinking it was going to work.. now I wish I could ask for a refund but it is a donation after all.. the reason why I went all out and "bought it" was because I used to have this app in my older iphone and it kinda worked but really slow. Now that I have an iphone 3gs (3.0.1) and this new psx4iphone is supposed to be recomended only for 3GS because of the performance issues.. not only that but I saw screenshots of iphones running final fantasy 7.. so I figured it was going to work and nothing. both bushido blade 1 and 2 crash back to spring board instantly after clicking them.

I already downloaded the bios file scph1000.bin and placed it in the folder the way it is specified.. am I missing any other files? I even went on SSH and gave 7777 permission to everything.. which obviously wasnt gona work but I couldnt think of anything else.

Any help would be apreciated.