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Thread: Iphone Addressbook Challenge

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    Unhappy Iphone Addressbook Challenge
    Hi All,
    I need some help with modifying my Iphone contact list. help is greatly appreciated. Here is what I did:

    Jail Break Iphone: Loged in to the iphone via sftp
    backed up my "AddressBook.sqlitedb" kept in
    /private/var/mobile/Library/AddressBook/ (464KB)
    /private/var/root/Library/AddressBook/ (176KB)

    Opened the sqlite file via SQLite Database Browser.exe
    Exported the table "ABPerson" via a sql browser into a csv file, and then modified the csv file.
    (things are much easier to do in excel than on iphone).
    after that deleted the table "ABPerson" in the sqlitedb file and imported back the modified csv file as the new table "ABPerson". Because it would not allow me to over write the existing Table.
    While importing took care the I had selected "Extract field names from first line" else things get screwed up royally.

    copied the modified file to both these locations

    changed permissions to 664 in iphone for both locations via ssh.
    I can now see all modified contacts but the phone acts very funny.
    i.e. the Names have "Fist_Name Last_Name """ --> notice that extra double quote that some how crept it.
    Even if I live with that, when I make a cal the call immediately does into the background and I can not bring it in the foreground via the "Touch to return to call" green bar on the top. i.e. something is screwed up again.

    As you can see, I have tried many permutations but failed to make it work. So this is a challenge right now
    can some one help me here? thanks a lot.
    **EDIT CPJR- Link not allowed, dont insert it again**
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