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Thread: Change file permissions without jailbreak etc?

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    Default Change file permissions without jailbreak etc?
    My situation is this:

    Started off with a 2G 1.1.4; upgraded the 2G to 3.0, this weekend I have taken out a 3GS on contract. Have synced up every time, from 1.1.4 to 3.0 and now to 3.0x on 3GS.

    However, my Notes no longer work. I can't delete notes, save new notes etc. I believe I need to change the file permissions in the notes folder to resolve this.

    Must I jailbreak my phone to do this? I don't really want to jailbreak my new phone. Are there any other ways to solve this notes problem? I don't need to save my notes; they're aren't important.


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    you can restore, that's the only other way.

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    If i have to restore, is there anyway of just backing up my contacts? rather than syncing contacts, messages, notes etc.

    Or is there any way to modify the backup to remove the notes?

    Thanks again.

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    well, every time you sync iTunes automatically creates a backup.
    So I suppose if you deactivate the syncing of notes then you shouldn't have a notes backup.

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    I don't believe you can disable the syncing of notes, can you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LewisHill View Post
    I don't believe you can disable the syncing of notes, can you?
    sure you can. connect your phone, click on it in itunes, the second tab I think (Info) has a checkbox for syncing notes :-) I never synced notes, so I don't know if that will prevent a notes backup, but it's worth a try

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    Well hey, I never noticed that scroll bar on the right, thanks! I do think this would solve the problem but whenever I try to overwrite my notes by syncing from laptop -> iPhone, iTunes crashes. No doubt because the permissions are wrong.

    So, I'm still in the same looks like I have two options, doesn't it(?):

    (a) jailbreak phone to change permissions in notes
    (b) restore phone and start again, losing all contacts etc?

    Thanks again

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    you could try restoring from backup. maybe it was a one-time glitch. but jailbreaking seems like the better alternative. it's totally worth it anyway and has no downsides really!

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