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Thread: Unable to sync not enough space

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    Default Unable to sync not enough space

    I don't know what happened to my iphone it was working great I went to sync new pics to it and now i cant do anything it tells me that it doesn't have enough room.

    General settings says that only 6gb of the16gb hdd is available. In itunes it shows 10gb of other content, I unchecked every in the sync settings and re synced and still shows other content of almost 10gb.

    Cydia shows that itunes is taking of 52% of the hdd, but nothing shows in the ipod function and when I ssh in I cant find anything that big. Am i just looking in the wrong spot.

    In the itunes control folder i found the music /music one with all the F0 folders with cydia saying that itunes is taking up so much room can I just delete them or they for something else.

    Also if do a Erase all content and settings will that reverse my jailbreak?

    Has anyone come across this before, am I gonna have to do a restore and rejailbreak it?

    TY in advance
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    "Other" refers to all content that's not recognized by iTunes. Basically anything from Cydia. Sometimes if you pull the USB cable out before it's done syncing it can corrupt things and trick iTunes into thinking there's a lot more stuff than there really is. At this point you will have to restore and start all over.

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    Once I do the restore and rejailbreak it, will the phone see my tmobile sim and work or will i have to go back to tmobile and get it activated again?

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