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Thread: I think i screwed this one up

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    Default I think i screwed this one up
    I think my iphone 2g just kicked the bucket. But hopefully the brilliant minds of this board could revive it. So here is how it happened.

    I didn't have my arm strap tonight, so i went on a run with the phone wrapped around my arm with plastic sheets. The ones that you use for food. Then about 20 mins in, the music stopped playing. I was about half way at my run so i didn't bother and figure i would check it out at my pit stop. Then, i realized that the phone might be a bit hot. So i took it out of the plastic at my pit stop and rebooted the phone. It had the apple sign up when i tried to reboot the phone. After a long while, it went to homescreen. But when i hit the power button, instead of going to sleep it shut it self down. So i tried to power it on again, then it had the apple logo up but lots of lines in the background. Then it shut itself down and wouldn't turn on again from this point on. Came home, plugged the phone into the computer, nothing happened. Plugged it into the wall, nothing happened. Tried the power and home for 20 second, no reaction. Did i really kill my iphone?

    HELLLPPPP. please.

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    Did you sweat alot while that thing was in the steam chamber on your arm?
    Stick it in a bowl of rice for a while and see if that helps.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish

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    i did that last night. Too it out today and still wouldn't turn on.

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    leave it for 3 days in rice but since u keep tryin to turn it on it might be taost

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    yeah i think he is right, sounds like you might as well have taken it in the steam room with you. Hope the rice helps, else... i would take it to an apple store and have them confirm that it has water damage. If it isn't maybe there is something u can do

    and maybe not.

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    that hapened to my mp3 i did the same thing u did i think it was the sweat tho not heat. i just took it apart and let it sit for a day put it together and it worked again but it was just a mp3 not the iphone.

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    the phone went back into the rice bowl. I guess i will see what happens three days from now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supreme-livin View Post
    leave it for 3 days in rice but since u keep tryin to turn it on it might be taost
    thats THE WAY to blow up ANY electronic device.

    Anybody with knowledge would tell you IMMEDIATELY turn the device off, and try to dry it out as much as possible. Take your sim out, use another phone for like 3 days, and whatever you do, DO NOT try to turn it on. the very first attempt, if theres a little water, the phone is toast, even if its fully dry later, its still toast.

    Sorry about the loss, but you really saran wraped your iphone to your arm?, how in the world did you think that would be a good move? saran wrap is built to keep moisture in, yet if you've owned an arm band, you know the extremes some companies go through for proper ventilation and perspiration.

    Anyways, it happens man, you live and you learn, I left my 2g at dinner, got into a motorcycle accident with my 3g. All I know, is that no matter what, as soon as my phone breaks, or something happens, it just so happens to be the same week apple releases a new iphone. What i'm saying is, embrace the moment, use one of your old phones for a few days, and buy a 3gs as soon as you can. It'll be the same experience you had when you first opened your 2g box.
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