Hello I have a problem and have no idea what started it or how to fix it.

Today I was browsing Cydia and saw that I had an upgrade for an package I had previously installed called "iHandy" one feature of this package was that it let you set an app such as safari to a triple-click of the home button. however after the update it now is set to a double-click of the home button. This is problematic for me because I frequently used the music controls that pop up with a double-click while using my iPod and now whenever I try to open said controls while doing something it takes me back to springboard instead of letting me change/pause/play my music.

I also downloaded from Cydia something called iPodPop which supposedly guarantees that the music controls will pop up (this was because the controls wouldnt come up unless a song was already playing and before I knew about my main problem)

I've tried to delete iHandy and reboot/respring etc. but the music controls still wont come back

Wow... that was long... and probably confusing... if you need me to clear something up feel free to ask, but please help me