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Thread: iphone 3g help

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    Default iphone 3g help
    I was writing a message when my phone suddenly shut off. When I turned it back on it went to an all white screen.

    The phone still functions normally and its recognized by itunes but I cant see what I'm doing because the whole screen is bright white. I've tried rebooting, doing a hard reset and restore with no luck.

    I would take it to Apple but the warranty expired last month

    I do have several iphones on my plan that are still under warranty so I was wondering if theres any way I can make the serial number irretrievable. I believe the only way to find the serial number is by plugging it into itunes and on the sim card holder.

    So if I was able to swap the sim card holder and made the phone so that itunes would not recognize it would they be able to tell its not under warranty? If so does anyone know a way I can make it so itunes wont recognize the iphone?


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    The serial no. is on the motherboard (that is printed on the motherboard), so whatever you do all they have to do at Apple is open the top up and read the number off the motherboard itself - and I believed most stores have this capablility in house now so they could literally take it in the back and match up the serial no's.

    It sounds like your LCD has blown, so you can either get Apple to fix it, get an LCD and try to fix it yourself (although this is pretty risky if you are not confident handling microelectronics) or you could PM CPJR for a quote on the job.
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    Yeah, theres a iphone repair shop in my town that will replace the lcd for $35. I just don't want to pay for something that shouldn't have stopped working in the first place.

    From what I've heard from other people is that they wont even attempt to fix this and just give you a new one. That makes me think that their not going to open it up to get the serial number when they could just pop out the sim card.

    If I knew a way to make itunes not recognize it then I would give it a shot. It would also have to be reversible just in case it didn't work out.

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