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Thread: iPhone touch sensor problem, over sensitive!

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    Default iPhone touch sensor problem, over sensitive!

    Recently i discovered a strange thing happened to my iPhone 2g, i've read something like the touch sensor of top/middle/bottom part of the iPhone screen is not responding. But mine is totally different, my iPhone 2g is always responding (OK, not always but sometimes, when the "sometimes" happens, then it's "always responding". I hope you guys understand what i mean.). Let me make it clear, the middle part of my iPhone KEEP RESPONDING EVEN IF I DIDN'T TOUCH IT. For example, in Messaging app (this is just an example, the focus is touch sensitivity on the middle part of iPhone), the iPhone auto select the 3rd sms in the sms list even if i don't touch/select it. I discovered that the motion of the "auto touch/select" is like swiping my finger or multiple auto touch in "middle part places" with high speed. So sometimes it select the 3rd sms or the delete button appear in the 3rd sms.

    I think this is some issue with the touch sensor hardware because i've restore my iPhone before but the problem is still there, but where can i find the solution? Will it be costly to fix it? Any recommendation?


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    Would like to know if your still experiencing these problems. I have the same issue with the screen. It happens sometimes and then when it stops. But mines started after i dropped my phone and the screen stopped working. I ordered another screen and changed it now it does the same thing your phone does. I do a hard restart but it still types or activates apps by itself. Any ideas other than buying a new iphone.

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    Glad to found out that someone else having the same issue like mine. At least im not alone. haha. I havent change the lcd screen due to reason, im afraid it's not the touch sensitivity. If i change the LCD screen and the problem still persist, then it will be a waste of money. Because i found that this is a rare case which i cant googled out a single similar case like mine. Probably buying a new iphone is the only solution for now. Sigh.


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