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Thread: I Need A New Laptop :|

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    Default I Need A New Laptop :|

    Here's the deal.

    I have been using my XP laptop to sync with my iPhone for the last 2 years, it contains all my 200 contacts, around 2000 photo's and 500 songs. Unfortunetly, my laptop has came to the end of its life and it looks asthough i won't be able to retrieve my files from my laptop, however, i am thinking of purchasing a Macbook Pro.

    Can i retrieve my files from my Phone and transfare them to my Mac?

    Any surggestions?

    I Can't afford to loose all these.

    P.s, at the moment my phone is not jailbroken

    Thanks in Advance

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    I'm pretty sure contacts are saved to SIM unless you checked a different setting or something, I don't know about the others though

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    What is bad on the laptop. I had a hard drive go south on my XP desktop once and could not boot. I was able to boot with Norton Save and Restore and copy all my important files like my iTunes library, photos, documents etc.. to an external hard drive before I replaced the hard drive. Didnt lose a thing.

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    If you buy a new computer, you'll be fine. First, the iPhone doesn't save your contacts to your sim. They are stored on the phone. There is an option to import your sim contacts to the phone. But you can not save them to the sim directly.

    Now as far as your problem. Don't worry about it. When you get your new computer and connect it to itunes. When you hit sync it should make a back up. When it does this, all your contacts, calenders, notes, system settings, app settings, photos you've taken with the phone etc... are saved to the back up. What it doesn't back up is your music and photos that you sync. It will NOT delete these IF YOU SYNC. It will simply display a warning saying that the music can not be found and then not touch the music. What I suggest for that, to get your music off your phone. if your going to be buying a mac. Get senuti so you can take off any music you want. I would do this BEFORE YOU SYNC. Just in case anything goes wrong. You never know.

    Unfortunately for your photos you sync. The only thing I could suggest is to email any you want to yourself. Just make sure to COPY AND PASTE the images to an email if your running 3.0. If you email them as an attachment you will cripple the resolution. If you copy and paste the photos. They are sent in full resolution.

    Hope any of that helps.

    P.S. A good rule of thumb too, again if your buying a mac. Transfer the photos you've taken off your phone first. You could either import them with Image Capture or iPhoto. Both will come with your new Mac. One more thing, it should also prompt you if you want to back up if you choose restore OR update when you connect it to your computer besides hitting the sync button.

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    If the hard drive still works on the laptop you can buy a hard drive enclosure- it is relatively cheap and easy to set up-it makes your old hard drive similar to an external hard drive. just plug it into your new laptop's usb port and you can view your whole C: drive just as if you were on the old computer
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