I am having lots of problems with my email. I have two accounts I use one in Mail and the other I use ibis

I think I got most of the problems fixed, but I still an getting SMTP errors. I go in the settings/mail/account/smtp/ and it lists 10 other servers. I can turn some off but other will not turn off. I an trying to delete them and can not figure it out. Does anyone know how to delete them? On some of then I can not even change the info. I was able to delete one server and it was off, but the rest will not turn off or can not be deleted. I have tried to delete the email accounts and redo them. It still does not delete the servers. All of the servers that are on I can not turn off but they all have different port numbers associated with them also. I know two servers should be there one AT&T server and one as default, but should not have all the others. Thanks for any help you can give. If you need any other information let me know. thanks