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Thread: 3.0.1 wifi not working

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    Default 3.0.1 wifi not working
    Hey guys, I just recently updated my 3g 16gb black iphone to 3.0.1 and my wifi stopped working. (it doesn't even show up) I tried everything from a restore to resetting all the settings. What do I do? I know its a huge mistake on apple's part since a lot of people have this problem too after 3.0.1. Thanks in advance.

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    I have the 2g and my wifi is working but is a lot weaker after the 3.0 update. Check your settings or maybe do a restore

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    mine is having this issues does it remember your wifi but you just have to go to setting and click on your wifi to connect you back on? or it just wont let you get on your wifi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacmac View Post
    mine is having this issues does it remember your wifi but you just have to go to setting and click on your wifi to connect you back on? or it just wont let you get on your wifi?
    I tried everything but nothing works. :/ The names of the different wifi locations don't even pop up.

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    So it continues. Even weaker with 3.0.1.

    Im on 3.0, Original phone and wifi is significantly weaker than before.
    It would be interesting to find out what causes it. Guessing trying to save the (lousy still) battery time and maybe some other app/apps.

    Really want my good, strong old wifi back!

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    Yesterday I called Apple about my iPod touch being extremely slow with WiFi and after several minutes of telling him downgrading is not jailbreaking he came back and told me that WiFi will be fixed in the 3.0.2 update and he could not give me a date when it will be released.

    Just to give you an idea of my speeds

    3.0 = 0.71 Mbps Down
    2.2.1 = 5.36 Mbps Down

    I have 6 Mbps internet so I maxed it out when on 2.2.1. 3.0 is pretty much useless on all WiFi apps since it always drops the connection or never wants to connect.

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    What if its intentional? In China for example, theyre going to be sold without the Wifi to force people to use 3G.

    Maybe its been requested by AT&T and the likes? To push people to use 3G and pay for the internet, etc? Also push 3Gs...?

    Theeeen maybe a software could do something to bring back a stronger Wifi signal???

    Just a thought...

    It does sound hopeful with the new update 3.0.2 thoooo

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    have the same problem with my iphone 2g. did not really notice it when i upgarded to 3.0 when it came out i only remember that everytime i lock the phone wifi cant reconnect and need to toggle wifi on-off. with 3.0.1 if became worse sometimes i cant see a network even when i'm infront of the router. and just connect for a few second. downgraded back to 3.0 and my connection somehow improve. will try to downgrade to 2.2.1 and probably to 1.1.4 then 2.2.1 just to see if it will do any good. and for some strange reason whenever i'm connected to itunes my wifi don disconnect at all. but what's the point of having a wifi if you need to be connected to itunes

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    I just researched the snot out of this issue since I have had a terminal "E" when in my house with a WiFi 2' away from me.
    After I reset the network on the iPhone, I still couldn't get it to lock in on my WiFi.

    So I got pissed and got into my Netgear settings and reset it. Damned if it doesn't work flawlessly now!!!

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