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Thread: Turning off Edge

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    Default Turning off Edge
    Hi, I've unlocked my phone (iPhone 3GS) and I'm with T-Mobile and don't have a data plan at the moment. I'd like to disable the Edge service on my phone to increase battery life. I know there is an old app out there called that can do this. Is there any other way by modifying settings to turn edge off completely? I know there is also SBSettings but I don't want to install any large apps (that would decrease battery life) to just turn off Edge. I've searched the forum pretty extensively and haven't found an answer.

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    SBSettings is you only option (that I know of). As far as most of us know, SB is not a battery or memory hog. Go for it.

    If you still don't want SB, leave it as is. It's probably no worse than installing something. JMHO

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    there is another way, but I think it's not that easy for t-mobile.
    see if you have Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network

    if you do, great, go in there and just put some gibberish into "APN", "Username" and "Passwort" for your Cellular Data. That will block edge connections.

    if you don't, you will need to know how to ssh into your iphone and how to edit .plist files. you need to edit /private/var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundle.bundle/carrier.plist

    you need to set the key "AlloweEDGEEditing" to "true" in there. This is just a short explanation, you can probably google how to edit those files so there is no need to explain it here.

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