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Thread: Did I just get hacked by Apple?

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    Angry Did I just get hacked by Apple?
    Fist of all, hello all. I've been reading this forum on and off for a while, but this is my first post. Second, sorry for my long winded story, but I like to be thorough. Too often I find half an answer, but there is some step or detail missing that still leaves me guessing. So....

    This morning I was surfing away on my iPhone and looking at new apps. So I go the App Store app on the iPhone and update 3 out of date apps. I didn't actually download anything new. The only other app I used this morning was the NY Times app to read the morning news. So then I drive to work and get ready to tether on my laptop (I'm at a conference today). So I plug into my MPB just like yesterday and the blue bar that says Internet Tethering is gone! Hmmm.

    So I inspect the tethering in my Network link under Settings->General. Instead of the usual Internet Tethering link I see a "contact your carrier bla bla bla" where tethering should be. Not cool.

    So I try to browse the web on Mobile Safari.. nothing. That is when I notice that I was definitely hacked. Under my Cellular Data Network link, instead of the APN being it is now, wait for it... "" !!!! WTF! Can you believe that!

    So either I was hacked by Apple, or someone else got to me on my way to work this morning. Very odd stuff. Since then I have downloaded Mobile Terminal, changed both my root and mobile passwords, changed back my APN, went to and downloaded my mobileconfig, and reset my network settings and rebooted. Whew! Back to normal for now. But what else can I do to make sure I am not hacked anymore? Has anyone else had this happen to them?
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    Really no one else has experienced this?

    Well, one additional thing that is happening now is that my tethering link was gone again this morning. I had to reset network connections, which requires a reboot to get it back. That's all I had to do, but it is a hassle. My APN did not change.

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    I'ld go with the Gremlin idea

    Very strange sure. While most apps play nice together, some do not. I would start by deleting the last 3 upgraded apps (one at a time) and test. Also there are auto-config SMS messages that change settings but these usually require an acknowledgement to run. AKA biteSMS sends a control SMS to update the credits -- and no prior user ack is required.
    It's unlikely Apple had anything to do with it.

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    Thanks for the reply. It's definitely not an SMS. I will try uninstalling all the apps that I have installed in the last month. However, it is an odd behavior to happen to say the least. Adding the "fake" prefix to my APN seems way too intentional. I can not see how this could be a negative side effect to an app. Adding the has to be intentional.

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