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Thread: Draining Battery

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    Default Draining Battery
    Hi there..
    I`ve got this problem I wanted to share with you..
    Problem is Battery draining very very fast...even when the charge cable is plugged in and its charging PC & Wall.

    Somehow I installed an App that is causing the draining of my Battery Dramatic. I mean..I see with my eyes the 64%..60% 58% etcc ..etc... I can see it with my eyes.

    Now I`ve restore from scratch (3.0 & 3.01 --iphone 3G) ..So I went to restore everything back and while it was restoring my Apps Back I saw this thing happend again while it was installing my Apps.

    I then removed ALl APps then the Battery stays good.

    Somehow there is an APP even if you dont open it begin to run immediatly in background eating your battery. Still don`t know what it is..It was nos OPENSSH..cuase I got it turned off.

    So will be looking for the APP and will update you guys..So CAUTION... DOnt install From any REPO or SOURCE....they my have put some Script in the APP to eat your BATTERY..
    I`m beggining to Think that the ERA of HACKING & Spyware kinda for iphone has begun...

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    Is push turned on? If so try turning it off.
    If I helped you, then hit the "Thanks!" button please.

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    I can't find Cydia on app store

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    Yes pushed is turned off...I never had this problem..
    Now I downloading all the Apps from the Net from the phone..and going to delete all apps in iTunes.

    I dont know but just installed SKYPE from APPSTORE and it took long time to install..and now its not appearing as icon.. and I`m confronting the problem of battery draining again.

    Nope there is something in my earlier Backup I think...going to rstore again and not Backup up...full from scratch.....
    Gonna think something for the Contacts..shoot!!
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    When you restore choose to set up phone as new phone instead of from backup. Also something you might check out is in sbsettings check your processes

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    Just be carefull what you install and have running. Im jailbroken 3gs and before 3g and zero problems. In fact, my battery lasts longer now that i can turn off everything with 1 swipe

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    Damn I`ve been running 3.0 from a full restore and install everything from AppStore from the phone self.. everything went ok....
    Till I left the wifi on last night...and wake up ....then I saw the battery was counting down again in my face..

    There is definately something with 3.0.. Or there is some spyware or something man...DAMN..its killing me..

    Seems like many people with this issue
    check out here

    Click here

    Battery is Draining While is Charging Again..WTH is going on..

    I think we got the BUG... Think its BeeJive with its Push notification etc... I just removed it form the phone and now the phone seems to charge like normal with out counting down while charging..

    Let you guys know what the results are...

    It could be beejive..cause since I restored the phone from scratch I didn`t use Beejive then yesterday I went using it it asked me for those push notification use etc...I clicke yes..everthen last night the battery issue begon.

    YES IT'S BEEJIVE self... I installed it again to prive it...and there we go....Whule scrolling from one page to other page on the desktop of the phone...I see its lagging..
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    just install SBSettings and see which apps is curently running in your springboard rather than rant something repeatedly and making my brain hurt just by reading all your redundant posts

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    Its already installed and only Phone is running..but I`ve searched the net and the problem probaly is that.I have Push set to Manualy...and Beejive push was on...and when you leave your MSn online...then the thing happend... I think there is something not communicating between OS 3.0 and Beejive 3.0....some of the service keep pushing to get online to getstatus of you msn.. Now I installed Beejive and DID NOT ALLOWED IT TO USE PUSH...and in setting of my phone PUSH is Enabled and set Manualy... MY Battery keeps good now...also I put the settings of Beejive to SIGN OF when I exit Beejive...
    Seem prety good now..

    But..Beejive and 3.0 OS seems to be have a BUg

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    To minimise battary drain, I turn off services that I don't need with Sbsettings. If I'm at home, I switched off 3G and location services. If I'm out, I switch off WIFI. The brightness of the screen also plays a big role in battery drain so adjust it to the bare minimum that still gives you comfortable viewing. Of course, disable push and make email checking manually initiated.

    Try to resist the temptation to switch on and admire the beautiful iphone screen although I'm not even using it.

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    Yes you are right but...3.0 and together with apps that support Push after you signed out like Beejive and Ebuddy etc..etc...even when pushed is turned of they are going to try the whole time reaching the internet till they have the confirmed signal that the user is defiinately offline.

    Yesterday I installed Ebuddy and last it online for 5minutes while push is turned off and edge was off and 3G was what do you know..the same story of battery while charging.. I went online back with Ebuddy and then push that whenever I press home Button...imediattely sign out..

    Then everything with my battery is now happy...I did it also with Beejive..
    Now...3.0 mabe have some strange thing but I cant tell. Before I was on 2.2.1 with Beejive..and they had no push before 3.0 came some work..

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