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Thread: Installing ActivateMMS2G kills my battery - help!

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    Default Installing ActivateMMS2G kills my battery - help!
    First post...

    I really LIKE the MMS feature of 3.0, but I only have a 2G unit.
    SwirlyMMS2 is doing it's job, but is not by far as user friendly as Apple's generic MMS app.

    So I did install ActivateMMS2G from iSpazio...
    ... and with it my battery life went down the drain.

    Most threads I've come across seem to blaim the ActivateMMS2G fix (really, a different CommCenter app - I wonder where genusian dug it up from? From a 3.0 beta, or from the 3G/GS SW kit?)

    Last night I enabled the 3.0 powerlog feature I just recently learned about and I have attached the section from when I left it at about midnight with 62% battery, by the time I woke up next morning at 7 almost 20% of the battery capacity had gone - seemingly without leaving any good traces in the powerlog.

    I read somewhere that the modded application(s) i.e. the CommCenter in this case may contain bugs that the original app doesn't.

    My US$10000 question is:

    How to get a decent battery life on 2G unit with Apples generic MMS kit enabled?

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    On my 3G I lost 88% in 9 hours. So your battery life seems good to me. lol
    If I helped thank me!

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    If bona fide 3G units bleed battery due to the same cause Apple shouldn't have bothered coding MMS into 3.0 (I do realize that I have a jailbroken unit so I'm out on my own when installing mods..., but...)

    SwirlyMMS2 doesn't by far use this much juice so it can't be a general problem of having MMS support.

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