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Thread: Maybe Apple is right about unlocking/jailbreaking?

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    Default Maybe Apple is right about unlocking/jailbreaking?
    I was reading an article on this site last week about Apple posting why you shouldn't unlock/jailbreak an iPhone (they listed many reasons about how the phone won't work right, etc...)

    I have to say maybe they are right?

    I use Yahoo Mail for my email provider and it never fails...anytime I have an unlocked/jailbroken iPhone and add my Yahoo Mail accounts to the phone it's nothing but a nightmare! I'm constantly getting error messages when trying to access mail like "can't find server" or "server failed to load", etc... Also, push email never seems to work at all.

    Yet when I'm on a legit iPhone (locked and not jailbroken) everything works like a charm!

    Curious if other users have the same experience with Yahoo Mail on the iPhone? I'm starting to think that using these phones the 'wrong way' is just too much work. I'm constantly having to worry about new firmware updates and then being able to update my phone which usually results in a restore of the phone and doing it all over again or at the very least...the unlock is gone and all my Cydia apps are gone and I have to start all over again from scratch. Not sure if this is worth it anymore to be honest...maybe moving to AT&T and paying their higher prices is worth it just so I don't have to worry about all this junk anymore.

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    It's like you're basing this WHOLE thing on "Yahoo Mail."

    I have a unlocked and jailbroken iPhone and everything works perfectly fine. The basic phone functions, internet, text/mms, email, and games have not ONCE gave me any problems.

    Yes, there's a bunch of people here that seek advice on jailbreaking and unlocking but yet still there's a handle of those with legit iPhones that still have trouble with certain things.

    I guess it just all depends preference and if the person knows what they're doing to knows where to look for help.

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    I'm not basing the whole thing on Yahoo, I'm just giving you an example of my constant problems with the phone. I use Yahoo Mail and I'm not changing, it's a nightmare on the phone if it's unlocked/jailbroken.

    Obviously I know what I'm doing or I wouldn't be able to get into the phone let alone place and receive calls if my phone was not properly unlocked/jailbroken...I've been doing this now since early last year. There isn't a wrong way to do it, if you do it wrong the phone won't work.

    All I'm saying is maybe Apple has a point and maybe I need to re-examine my choice because it's clearly not working well for me at all.

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    It's inevitable that everything won't work correctly on a phone that's not activated/operated/purchased the way Apple intends. That's why it's even more unfortunate that they've attempted to put all iPhone users in a tiny box with one place to purchase and one service provider. If they allowed consumers more freedom with their product, things would be better for everyone.

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    I've NEVER had problems with my iPhone 3G being jailbroken. I also have a Yahoo email address.
    Until the next time… And if I help you out, give me a "Thanks!" Thanks!

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    OK you guys arent even listening to his statements. I agree with him the iphone runs smoother and faster on att not jailbroken and not unlocked. I worked with both tmobile and att and the phone always ran smoother with att. So dont bash him should it be illegal i dont think so but atleast hear out his point of view and not bash him on his opinion...

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    My jb 3gs works okay, yes some random bumps but nothing a massive community like MMi can't help you with. I agree that it runs better without jb but just to plain for me and like I mentioned great people here can help figure out some of the things.

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    I have two yahoo mail accounts on a jailbroken phone and they never give me a single problem.

    Apple is only trying to scare people with unfounded stories if you ask me.

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    Hethens! Blasphemy! Stone all that agree with the op! Loooooool. Nah I would say my mates stock iPhone runs about a 1sec faster, but mine is a million years ahead. Never have trouble with connecting apps. Only facebook give. Errors. But that's fb not the jb. Also theirs not that many firmwares getting released that it becomes a pain.

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    When you jailbreak and unlock there are sometimes manual fixes one needs to do to get things to run smoothly. Depending on which firmware you are on these can be different, but they all usually have to do with file/folder ownership and permissions. These can be easily fixed via SSH. I've had some issues where mail passwords didn't save after jailbreak and needed to change permissions on the keychain folder to 777 but that was a few firmwares ago.

    More importantly, mostly problems as you state are fixed by always restoring as a NEW iPhone.
    Also frequent resprings (usingSBSettings is easiest) keeps things running smoother as it frees up memory.

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    I have tmobile service and a prepay att sim and att works the way the phone should. I am unlocked and I did not install icy or winterboard. They slow it down. I used MIM to say ATT for my carrier because I don't want people to know I am on Tmobile. I started using iphones last year at 2.0 fw and did not like to have to go thru the updates starting from scratch either. Cydia is great. Now that I am alittle older I prefer my phone in the stock configuration. I never had problems adding my yahoo address in mail either.

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    I dont think Apple is "right". My phone is jailbroken and unlocked, *but* I also dont add any apps that dont come from the Apple store. For me, reliability is key. But others do want the functions jailbreaking allows. However, if you want the phone to be perfectly reliable, I suggest you dont add a bunch of unapproved apps.

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    Not unlocked but Jailbroken n my S works flawlessly!

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    i use yahoo mail.. never have a problem on my jailbroken 3g

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    jb/unlocked 3gs never any probs with yahoo. until apple stops being a little bitcha and add features that i want (irealsms, sbsettings, etc) im going to always jb.

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    i have an unlocked/jailbroken 3g that runs on tmobile in the US. I have a friend whose older 3g (first day released) who was locke/unjailbroken on att. His phone worked so incredibly worse than mine with many more hiccups problems and battery drainage that I had convinced him to jailbreak. Since that day his phone worked smoother and better but still with a lot of issues which forced him to buy a 3gs. It might acutally depend on the time the phone was released and when you bought it

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    I think that these kinds of errors are common fallacies associated with jailbreaking. Guess what, electronic devices are not perfect no matter how much we think or wish they would be. Wheather you jailbreak your phone or not has nothing to do with its capability to read a yahoo mail server or drain your battery or what not. It's what kinds of rediculous programs you install or apps you tweak. If you want an app that constantly updates your springboard weather icon with the current temp every 15 minutes then expect a rediculous amount of unneccessary battery drain.

    Every once in a while you will get an error while trying to get mail but i think thats from yahoo's side. I get it too, and then it works again shortly thereafter.

    Please don't buy into apple's misleading comments on jailbreaking and how it ruins your device (although being stupid with it may actually brick it). Stick with the common user apps on cydia, download notifier and five icon docks and bitesms and whatnot, and be happy.

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    The Yahoo Email problem is not and has never been just because of a simple jailbreak. It's a direct result of what the user does AFTER the jailbreak. Noted above... not setting the phone up as NEW causes lots of issues... permissions and mail being one of the known ones. 100% of the issues anyone has is user caused by installing apps that may not be programed well or have known compatibility issues or they're just getting themselves in too deep with SHH or terminal... etc.

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    simply put if you have a problem with Jailbreaking or unlocking then don't do it ..its inevitable you can't stop it neither can couldn't...or could they...

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    Well, he is right about Push never working with a hacktivated iPhone. Yahoo Mail never pushes my email to my phone. It's a really neat feature, I wish I could get it working.

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