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Thread: Extremely Hot iPhone 3G 16G! HELP

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    Cool Extremely Hot iPhone 3G 16G! HELP
    so i've had this issue for sometime iPhone 3g has been extremely hot on the back and sometimes the front screen. So hot i cant even hold it for a long period of time. Of course if i shut it off completely its fine. but after i use it for 10 to 15 minutes it starts getting hot! I called apple and told them and what they said is to go to the apple store and mostly likely they will replace or fix it. I told him that the problem with that is i cant wait for them to fix it because im leaving for europe this weekend. Also the operator guy said hey might replace the iphone with another one,but to be quite honest i dont want apple to give me a refurbished iphone that someone sent in because it was broken!...then i got it. i would want a new iphone! brand new. i am 17 but i paid for my the phone...ALL OF IT! and yes i know that there they still sell those iphone 3G 8 g model. But because i have a last version iPhone 3G 16 g model. I told want to be downgraded in storage. And yes i do still have the warranty on it. no applecare plan way to much money. so i was wondering if anyone has any experience with this or real good advice?


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    Could be you're case if you have one. If you don't have a case, best thing to do is replace it. Theres nothing wrong with a refurbished iPhone, Apple checks them.
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    Personally if you have the option of getting a replacement do it, the refurb will still be top Apple quality and they should replace like for like (even though they don't technically sell a 16gb 3g anymore they should have stocks to replace warranty units). If the iPhone is getting as hot as you say it is during use then that sounds a pretty serious battery issue, which can only get worse and considering some of the stories you see on the net (google iphone 3g burning hot) the consequences could be pretty nasty in the long run.
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    If you take your phone in and show them how hot it gets I don't see how they could give you a refurb. My 3gs gets pretty hot but only under heavy usage like downloading stuff

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    you get a refurb. end of story. as it is a refurb you can be SURE that there are NO scratches (to refurb they replace the shell and screen) and it comes in a little cardboard box (about 2x the size of the iPhone) with padding. they take your phone, switch it with the one in the box (putting your sim in the new one of course) and send you on your merry way.

    can you tell i have done this before?

    why are so many people afraid of refurbs anyway?

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    I think i'd rather have a refurb.... whatever is broke has already been fixed
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    They don't take time to fix it, if you come in and show them theres a legitimite problem they'll replace it on the spot, that's what happened when I smashed my phone by accident and replaced the screen but was unable to fix the home button. According to one of the employees, they're not even authorized to open the iPhones unless you bring it in with a smashed screen.

    Anyway, as far as I could tell, the replacement they gave me was either brand new or pretty damn close to it, bring it in and have them look at it, it'll take 20 minutes tops, I got my replacement within 7

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    Is your battery the original one? I understand that an after market battary can even cause fire and explosion.

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