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Thread: Mobile internet no longer working.....

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    Default Mobile internet no longer working.....
    I have been using a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone 3g since the break was released. Everything has been fine until a few days ago when my internet stopped working.

    The phone is receiving a data signal as the ip address changes everytime I switch it on and off, however, the phone is not picking up the signal and says the phone is not connected to the internet when I try to use safari of Facebook etc.

    I can view the data ip on sbsettings and I can see it changing when I switch it on and off.

    I have recently installed openssh and transfered a few icons to my phone for ielegance pro but I'm sure this wouldn't cause any problems.

    Any ideas? I hate not having mobile internet!

    I'm currently on Vodafone UK.


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    did you check your internet settings? (settings->general->network->cellular data network)

    you can get those settings on the vodafone page. I guess you did restart the iphone (a real restart, not the reboot button in sbsettings!).

    if you have another sim-card, try if internet works with that card. if nothing help, a restore, re-jailbreak and re-unlock should do the trick. if it doesn't, it's a hardware problem.

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    Yeah I have checked my settings and tried other variations but still no luck.

    If I restore, it will upgrade to 3.0.1 via iTunes. Will I be able to re-jb and unlock with this update using ultrasn0w and redsn0w? Or are we still awaiting an updated version of the

    Thanks for your help.

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    Redsn0w using 3.0 ipsw
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