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Thread: I Bypassed Iphone Lock... accidentally...

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    Default I Bypassed Iphone Lock... accidentally...
    I was experiementing with the sbsettings... and noticed that if you enable "Allow from Lock" under More > Extras & Options... you are able to by pass your iPhone lock if you send a respring command...
    My question... is there an app from a PC that can send this respring command from a PC?
    I would find it very interesting to be able to respring a nonjailbroken iphone... Anyone hear of any apps or ways to do it? SSH is out obiously... you need openssh...

    I am needing to test security on these phones for work... and to find any risks.
    I appreciate your time, help and advice on this!

    Update: I notice you are able to get in without the pin... but the icons are still locked... is anyone one else having this happening to them as well?
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    Hmm.. How can you have SBSettings on a NON-Jailbroken iPhone!?
    Anyway, to respring you either need mobileterminal, sbsettings, gPower and other 3rd party software.

    I dont think there is an API for the developers to respring without having your iPhone jailbroken. The only way to respring on non-jailbroken iPhone is afaik by changing the language of the phone. That's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdys_1991 View Post
    Hmm.. How can you have SBSettings on a NON-Jailbroken iPhone!?

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    I know you cant... I just wanted to know if there is a way to respring without sbsettings... I was just explaining the steps on how I came across bypassing the lock for others to replicate if they wanted a shot. However... I would think a respring would be something fairly easy to accomplish which would make the passcode a very bad lock. I am just not sure how to do it. Thanks for the tip about the language reset... maybe there is a way to send that command from a pc... maybe even itunes can envoke it... lol. Thanks again though! I appreciate it.. gives me something to look into!

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    It takes me back to the "Enter Passcode" screen. Doesnt work for me.

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