The most annoying problem I have with the iPhone/Touch is that when the unit crashes/reboots/resprings the "Now Playing" iPod setting is lost. I run a Jailbroken 3.0 iPhone 3G.

For me, this is a nightmare.

I love electronic music and most of my music on my iPhone is one long track thats 70 minutes long.

For example, I drive to work in a morning and get 35 minutes into the track, I turn the music off and do some work. During the day my phone (mobile substrate) is likely to crash and force a respring/reboot. (I've not yet narrowed the cause down - could be Scrobble). Returning to my car for the drive home, the phone's forgotten it's now playing starts from track 1 (alphabetically) on my iPhone.

It's annoying to say the least.

Is there anything out there that might constantly backup my now playing 'setting/file'? Is there anything to prevent this?

Does anyone else suffer from this?