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Thread: 3G/light inside ear piece?

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    Default 3G/light inside ear piece?
    So I bought my new iPhone 3G today from AT&T and noticed tonight while I was in the dark that when the screen is on there is a light that also lights up inside the ear piece (behind the metal mesh to the far right and it's a line that lights up from north to south and pretty skinny at that. When the screen goes back into sleep mode, the light inside the ear piece also goes off.

    I did some Googling and see where one other person has complained about this. I called Apple up tonight and they said they had never heard of it and it shouldn't be doing it but this is the problem...

    They say I can't exchange the phone at AT&T because it's a repair issue and I have to take it to Apple and get a refurb phone! Are they nuts? I just bought it tonight, it's not even 24 hours old and I can't take it back to AT&T and exchange it? This is what they are telling me...I swear Apple has the most bizarre policies I've ever encountered.

    So he says all you can do is take it back to AT&T and cancel the service, turn in the phone, pay a restocking fee of 10 percent (a restocking fee on a defective item???...are u serious???)...and then go to another store and get a new line of service with a new phone.

    This is absurd, so now I'm restoring my phone with iTunes so when I take it in tomorrow they won't know it was jailbroken/unlocked. BTW...this process wouldn't have caused this issue would it? I have friends who have the original phone and the 3G, they are all unlocked and jailbroken and don't have this light issue going on with the inside of the ear piece.

    This is just really bizarre...

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    Never heard of the before, light in earpiece????
    Don't you love Apple Customer Service?

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    The light is coming from the screen. Something isnt sealed quite perfect around the screen assembly.

    And yeah Apple does all warranty services for the iphone. ATT has never had anything at all to do with it. The good thing is Apple is WAY easier to deal with.

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    Yeah but I just bought the phone today, I'm within my 30 day period. I should be able to take it back to AT&T and get a new phone. You buy anything else from a store (other then Apple) and that is how it works. I've never heard of this BS before ever!

    Oh and Apple is definitely NOT easy to deal with, I don't agree with that statement at all.

    Here you can see where someone else reported this issue back in 2008: Apple - Support - Discussions - Light coming from iPhone earpiece? ...
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    Guess your unlucky.

    Ive had Apple products for years and anytime Ive ever had an issue (I go to the store) it was the easiest in/out get it corrected almost no questions asked everytime.

    PS- I dont like the first 30 day thing either, but its as much ATT's fault as Apple - its a mutual agreement.

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    So your saying I should accept a refurbished phone for the original that I just bought today? LOL come on! You are joking, right?

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    Umm, its Apple. They have new 3g iphones. I would demand a new one (which they are gonna give you anyways), easy as that. You should really talk to them before getting all upset.

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    I agree with what you say, I'm just telling you what the Apple care tech told me on the phone. He said it was a repair issue and it would be replaced with a refurb. I'm not sure about you but any other store I've ever gone to has a return/exchange period that is usually 30 days, if something is wrong you can return or exchange it within that time period. You can't possibly tell me that 24 hours is AT&T/Apples return/exchange period?

    But I'm going to go to AT&T tomorrow...I have a feeling they will take care of me...after all I have the contract with them and it's them charging me the montly service. I can't see them not taking care of this. Maybe I'm crazy but I just can't see it lol...

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    ATT may, I dunno.

    If you have an Apple store anywhere nearby....I would take it there. I can almost promise you they will take care of you.

    I dont care too much for them over the phone and have never used that method for anything - but Im also lucky to live less than an hour from 4 Apple stores.

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    There is one right down the street from me. I just hate going in there because there is always a line of people at the Genius bar and appointments are never when they say they are. The tech made an appointment for me at 3:50 and I can assure you I'll still be standing in there at 4:30 waiting for my appointment.

    BTW...I restored my phone using iTunes. This did wipe anything off the phone that had to do with it being jailbroke/unlocked, right? I don't want to take any chances. There is no way for them to tell that it was unlocked or jailbroken?
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    That sux. I think the most Ive waited past an appointment was maybe 10 minutes. However with 4 stores nearby makes it easier cause I know which ones usually stay REALLY busy.

    But yeah I agree with you on their phone support, but usually the guys at the store are super cool.

    Yeah a restore will be fine.

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