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Thread: iPhone 3G question(s)

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    Default iPhone 3G question(s)

    #1. Does the phone sit flat on a desk/table? I basically want to know like if the phone is on vibrate will the phone still sit still when it's vibrating or will it slide all over the desk/table? On my original iPhone it doesn't slide or anything when it vibrates but I know the 3G has a bit more of a curve to it underneath so that is why I'm asking.

    #2. With regards to the vibrate it a strong vibrate like the original iPhone is or does it sound weaker then the original?

    #3. When you turn the brightness all the way down, does the background of the screen blend in with the black glass on the top and bottom of the phone? I know my original iPhone did and it looked really sleek how it all looked like once continuous piece of 'black', just curious if the 3G works the same way or if the brightness doesn't go down that low on it?

    Thanks guys...I'm going to an AT&T store to buy my phone tomorrow but kinda wanted to know the answers before going in (although I still plan on checking it out in person before buying it.)

    I appreciate the feedback.

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    1, most use a case on their phones, it hmmm kinda round at the edges.
    2, it's strong enough to let you know it's vibrating, but will not bounce across the table for sure.
    3, brightness, it's only for the springboard, just play around with it. When in sleep mode, it's always black.
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    the curve doesnt make it bounce around at all it still lays flat. the vibrate seems the same to me. the brightness is adjustable down really low. you'll be really happy picking up a new 3g/s

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