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Thread: Cycorder vs iPhonevideorecorder?

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    Default Cycorder vs iPhonevideorecorder?
    I'm trying to decide between the two of these apps as to which one is the best (I haven't used either one yet) I just wanted to get some feedback before deciding which one to go for on my 2G iPhone.

    People last year claimed Cycorder had better video quality but there was no audio, but now audio is supported.

    The iPhonevideorecorder program I just found out about not to long ago but really don't know much about either.



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    I used cycorder on my 3g and it worked really well.

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    This is just my opinion. I got Cycorder, it made my phone crash and I had to do a restore. I got iPhonevideorecorder and it's worked flawlessly.

    Of course, I'm sure Cycorder isn't programmed to kill your phone. That's just my experience.

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    Cycorder always worked great on my old 3G, never tried the other one
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    cycorder is better IMO, its free too! lol

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    Free vs. $20(i think)?
    Cycorder is pretty good quality so I would definitely go with Cycorder, I have never tried IVR though, but I hear Cycorder has better quality anyway.
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    Cycorder its free and fast. With iPhonevideorecorder you have to let it decode after every video which sucks.
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    How about the 3Gs recorder? lol

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    3GS recorder is the best but if you don't have a 3GS then Cycorder is free. Works fine for me and never seen the nee for paying for a video recorder.
    I'd suggest you try cycorder as it's free anyway. Is there a free trial for iPhonevideorecorder ? If so, try it, if not I'm really not sure there is any point.
    Maybe someone could post some videos done with both so we can compare?
    But I'm happy with Cycorder.
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