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Thread: Apps exit without exit animation... is this supposed to happen?

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    Default Apps exit without exit animation... is this supposed to happen?
    i'm a new owner of a 3gs. jbed with purplera1n rc2 and been using it for a few weeks without any crashes or anything.

    I've noticed this consistently with all apps, from using the phone to safari to games and other apps.

    when i start the app, it does the zoom animation. when you press the home button, it's supposed to zoom out and go back to springboard.

    for me, if the app's been running for a while, and i press home, it just skips the animation and just directly jumps to sprinboard.

    if the app was just opened, and i press home, it does show the animation.

    is this supposed to happen? or did i mess up a setting somewhere?

    and also, sometimes the transition between sprinboard and app is laggy. very slight hickup here and there, but it's noticible. i thought the iphone was supposed to have a really slick lag-free interface...

    they're all having the same problem here:
    [ame=]50% of the time, when I close an app, there's no "closing animation" - iPod touch Fans forum[/ame]
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    im getting this a lot as well on 3G, theres loads of fixes, tweaks and patches coming in 3.1 so hopefully these Hiccups will be ironed out
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    what patches and fixes are coming? is there a changelog?

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