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Thread: 3.0 SMS Bug

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    Default 3.0 SMS Bug
    So, after testing this on 3 devices (2x 3G & 1x 3Gs), I think I have found a reproducible bug in the 3.0 firmware in the SMS App.

    Now that the iPhone doesn't lock up the screen when you are sending a message, there's a new problem. Here's how to reproduce:
    1. Be in a conversation thread in the Apple SMS App
    2. Send messages to a friend while they are texting you back
    3. Try to have an SMS "Sending" while you receive a message.
    4. You will note (if you don't receive another message in the meantime) that the 'back' button that usually says "Messages" will say "Messages (1)" as though there is a new message in another thread
    5. Back out using that button and you will notice that nothing is highlighted as new.
    6. Go back into the same thread and the Messages button will continue to report "Messages (1)"
    7. This will persist until you: a) get an SMS, b) respring, c) force quit the SMS app and re-run it.

    I am running Jailbroken with Notifier and a few other Springboard add-ins. Thought this was the issue, but did a restore, and did it with a clean firmware: still happens.
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    It did this to me on 2.2.1 aswell 3g here

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