So I have an iPhone 3g 8gb. It has been acting really weird and asking if i would like to turn on airplane mode. Last night while plugged into my charger it went dead and turned off. I turned it back on and the apple logo came on it turned on then the spinning wheel came up and it turned off again. Then it just started showing the plug into charge sign. So I plugged it into my computer and it showed the charging sign, about 3 minutes later without touching it started flashing between the plug into charger and charge screen. So I unplugged it and plugged it into the wall and it showed the charge screen. So I left it all night and this morning it hadnt charged any so I unplugged it and tried a hard restart and it kept showing the plug into charger. Did this about 4-5 times and now it doesnt do anything tried different cables chargers and everything. Nothing happens. The screen wont even show the display for plug into charger. I dont know if I can take it back to bestbuy or not cause I have the protection plan but it is jailbroken but it wont turn on or anything and Im stumped on what to do next.