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Thread: Unsubsidized iPhone 3GS

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    Default Unsubsidized iPhone 3GS
    Now i asked before if i can go to any Apple Store or AT&T Store and just buy the new iPhone unsubsidized. Well my results were yes but I walked into an AT&T store where a lady said i cant do that at all. I also had to explain to her what unsubsidized meant since its a to-know term for phones.

    So why is it that she said I cant but many people told me i can just walk into AT&T and ask for the new iPhone contract free, full price

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    most AT-T agents will tell you no because that's what they are told, as in the scenario below:

    a guy walks into an AT-T store and asks the lady if he can buy an unsubsidized iPhone 3G{s}. the lady at the counter says no, the guy goes home and cries.

    What should happen is this.

    a guy walks into an AT-T store and asks the lady if he can see the manager to talk about buying phones off contract. She goes to get the manager and the guy asks the manager if he can buy an iPhone unsubsidized and at full price. the manager says yes, the guy pays up, and he goes home to brag to his friends.

    at least that's what i went through. of course, there is also a easier method.

    a guy walks into an Apple store to get an unsubsidized iPhone for his girlfriend. he tells one of the friendly employees there what he wants, and the employee checks if any phones are in stock. There were 5 left. The employee also asks if he wants a custom engraving. the guy says yes, and a few days later, the phone was shipped to his house in a gift wrapped package.

    i highly recommend this last method. you can leave the engraving out if need be.

    i gotz this whole coding thing down

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    That's strange, in the UK you walk into an o2 store and ask for an iPhone and their responses are:

    "Contract or PAYG? (Unsubsidised)" then "What size/colour?"... easy.

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