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Thread: Tricky Networking Support...

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    Default Tricky Networking Support...
    I'm befuddled...

    I'm trying to do a little bit of Windows/iPhone networking and was hoping just a few options in Windows is all I'm missing to get this running.

    The setup...

    I have a Bluetooth adapter in my computer, that is tethering to my iPhone. That all works 100% (That's how I'm on right this very moment...

    Tethering works by offering a DHCP address (amongst other things) to the computer and allows it access to the internet. I think we can probably all agree, in general, that's what it's doing...

    Second setup here... And I have a few options, none seem to work. I would like to then connect both the computer and the iPhone together wirelessly, via wifi. Options that exist are Ad-Hoc, or through a Linksys router. The router DOES NOT have a WAN side. I have no internet access... It would strictly be a switch.

    Before we go any further, the reason for all of this is for the (internal only) applications, iTunes remote, amongst other on screen control touch pad kind of things, and X10 server, etc... They all require 'same side' wifi access to the host machine to work...)

    How do I get Windows to use the either Ad-Hoc, or the router, (as I much prefer since my iPhone would just auto reconnect within distance) to allow my computer an internal IP address, however not try to route across those to the Internet.

    Currently, if I enable my wireless on my PC and connect to my router, everything stops working because the computer thinks that the wireless link is somehow the 'primary' and therefore only viable option for getting online. When packets hit the router, and get returned because the router isn't online, *Page CANNOI BE DISPLAYED*... Etc, etc...

    Help from the community?

    Thanks team!

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