Hi everyone, this is my first time posting here and I hope that it can be a successful one.

So, I synced pictures from my mac to my iphone, then went through the roll and one by one assigned photos to contact. I was able to move and scale each one to my preference. The phone saved all the photos as I wanted for each contact, but when the phone rings, only the contacts name is displayed. It does not show the photo I assigned to it, until after I "slide to answer", then the photo appears.

It works correctly when I am making a call, as soon as I select a number to dial, it shows the contact photo full screen, but when receiving a call, it does not show the contact photo until I answer the call. Does anyone know why this is happening?

I have searched and searched, and all I find is people asking how to get the small thumbnail view or the large full screen view of a contact photo. That is not what I am asking. I am asking why the contacts photo does not display until I answer a call.

Thanks in advance everyone!

P.S. - Before, when I had assigned photos originally to address book and synced them to the phone, the called ID showed correctly. But I decided to update my contact photos, and it was much faster going through the phone and assigning a photo to a contact than doing it from address book, and now the contact photos only show AFTER I answer a phone call.

I have a jailbroken iPhone 3G if it matters any.

Thanks again everyone.