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Thread: to use dsl broadband in iphone without router...

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    Unhappy to use dsl broadband in iphone without router...
    is there any way that i can...use my laptop broad band in iphone...

    there is one way that i use,i connect my broadband adsl to tp link wireless router...and then turn on wifi in iphone and detect router n then go on...

    i want something different,is there any way that when i connect my dsl to laptop via lan, i have wireless in laptop,i DONT wana use router....when i connect dsl to laptop,it works in laptop......but is there some way to make link for iphone (ad-hoc based connectivity) n use dsl in iphone too

    *i have made ad-hoc connection for iphone,cuz i use winscp to ssh into iphone,but broadband dont work...i need help...

    i mean to say.......that i detect my laptop as router (source of dsl) in there some way that i make it as access i detect router....n then i continue same as before....or ny else way....ANY way......its very imp for me....plzz help...
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    No, there is no way (that I know of) to connect to a DSL LAN router from your iPhone, even with a laptop acting as a bridge. You'll need to use a wireless router or settle with 3G.

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    If you have a laptop with a WiFi card, and connect it to broadband internet by LAN by plugging in a Cat 5 cable, then you can create an Ad Hoc network and share your laptops internet with an iphone or ipod touch. If you got as far as connecting via an ad hoc network but could not get the broadband internet on your iphone then either you did not share the internet connection with the ad hoc network or you had some other conection issue. For example I shared a wired broadband internet connection with 2 iphones and 1 ipod touch while on holiday in Verbier - but I could only do it booting into Windows 7 and creating an ad hoc network, when I tried the same in my main Vista install I could connect but got no internet on the iphones/ipod touch - I pratted around with various settings and such but as Windows 7 did the job in 3 clicks I just stuck with that.

    So basically you can do what you want to, but it will all depend on what OS you are running, and how much time you want to spend messing with settings etc. Personally I think Vista could not manage to share the broadband bit, I changed loads of settings but nothing seemed to help. I haven't tried on XP or OSX but in theory any OS should do this if you get all the settings correct.
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