I was playing about updating 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 and managed to muck up my iPhone. I managed to get it virginised back to 1.0.2 but could not get it back to anything else.

I browsed this site and the internet looking for help / ideas and I came across a company I had used before with a broken iPaq - http://www.ipaqrepair.co.uk/

Anyway, for under 50, they completely reset my iPaq and redelivered it to me fully working, jailbroken, unlocked and activated and I am now using it on T-Mobile with 1.1.4 and everything working - youtube / googlemaps / springboard etc etc etc.

Anyway, for users in the U.K., get in contact with them. They will also deal with other Countries, but the price will be dearer due to postage etc.