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Thread: charging battery issues

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    Default charging battery issues
    i know there is many topics about battery charging problems and belive me i tried search, but i haven't found anyone with this kinda problem
    i'm saying this cuz i know there are some ppl that just want to shout '' use the f*** search ya nab''
    i am a nab but i tried searching
    to the problem now
    when i plug in my phone (iphone 2g 2.2.1) it's just keep on disconnecting
    it's connected for half a second then it disconnects then after half a second it connects again
    it looks like there is some problems with the cable but
    this happened to me before, i had samsung omnia and blacberry storm also plugged into the pc and when i unplugged those 2 phones the iphone started charging normaly

    i haven't tried charging it with the wall charger cuz atm i don't have the appropriate adapters to charge in the socket that we have

    is this due to the phone, pc or cable
    and what should i do?

    i was chargin it in the dock, now that i pluged it directly to the cable it charges, but still i tried this yday when t problem occured and it wasn't charging like it is now
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    You need to try plugging it into the wall + try using a different charger.

    If those work, its your PC/USB.

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    as you can see from edit the phone was charging
    but now after it's half charged it's giving me the same problems :P
    i haven't touched the cable(if the cable is bad) neither i did anything with the PC except played some game

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    bought new wall charger and still no go :S
    i also noticed that when the battery it's completly drained and i plug in the cable (from PC or wall charger) it shows that image of empty battery and the lightning bolt under it
    however when it chargest to about 10% the phone turns on by itself and starts to disconnecting and connecting again and again and again :P
    if i turn it off (when the battery is at 10%) and plug in the cable, the phone turns up again by itself :P and starts doing the same old thing

    anyone knows what could be the problem?

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    When you say disconnect, do you mean that the power won't charge? I've had this problem before, but when i keep my iPhone stable and re-plug in both sides of the cable, everything seems to be fine.

    Is your iPhone jailbroken? If it is, then restore from iTunes and take back to the Apple Store?

    On second thought, it may be your cable... Maybe the cable has internal damage? Try with another cable.

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    with disconnect, i mean disconnect
    i see it on computer, it keeps up poping that pop-up messages that new hardware was found, it looks like there is something wrong with the cable but this happened recently and if you ask me the cable wasnt maltreated
    it is jailbroken and i can't restore it cuz the phone keeps on disconnecting, it's connected for half a sec and then it disconnects and connects again and it's doing this constantly

    will try new cable anyway and post how it goes


    even wierder thing happend to me
    i left it in the dock over night just in case if it will at some point start charging
    when i put it in the dock the battery image showed it's just empty, no lightning in it, then when i woke up i stil saw empty battery with no lightning in it, then i took it out of the dock and put it in sleep mode, i was going to a friend who also has iphone to try his cable, then when i came to him, i turned the phone on and the battery image was showing full battery
    from the look of it, it looks like it has some DRM problems, but if it realy was DRM then i guess it shouldn't be disconnecting and connecting with the PC constantly
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    Whats a nab?

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    this is offtopic

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