Was just sittting around thinking about how upgrading my sim card to a 64k would fix the red dot that you get indacating that you have voicemail. When you respring or reboot the phone.

I am on the tmobile network.

which got me thinking about something else..

Since the phone can read to and from the Sim card with some great third party apps that are already out there ..

Couldnt the iphone be some how used to program the Sim card itself ?

Maybe there is more to this .. which im sure there is ..

but it would be great to use the phone to reprogram one of the many att sims i have that come with the iphone.

Maybe in a sense be able to make that my tmobile card ... Im assumng that it would be a 64k version..

is this doable >.. or are the cards from att diffrent from the tmobile ones... or are the cards completly diffrent from each company..

I just thought that it would be do able since you can Make the iphone write to and from the sim card ... couldnt we just use it as a Sim card reader and use some kinda program on the net to reflash this Card ?