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Thread: Doing an Major Upgrade G2>G3S

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    Default Doing an Major Upgrade G2>G3S
    First off Hello Peeps
    I have just made a major move in upgrading my iphone, went from my trusty 2G to the speedy 3GS. The thing is that my 2g has all the things that i like and all the Cydia Mods & Apple Apps, So i guess my question is how do i exchange stuff from one to the other? I have WinSCP and SSH, do i make a folder on my computer and download what i need to that folder? or is there a easy way to do this? i am new to WinSCP and have not mastered it yet so if anyone can help that would be great!! Stan

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    Well first you need to J//B the phone and add cydia, then you can start to down load whatever apps or themes you might want to use.

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    You can download some stuff to your computer to reuse on your new phone but most things will have to be reinstalled via Cydia

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    due to the firmware upgrade, you'll probably have to reinstall most of your apps in your new 3GS

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    All the apple apps will still sync through itunes and your computer, so don't worry about that.

    The cydia apps can be synced with a program called PKGBackup.
    Look it up on cydia.
    It costs 2 bucks.

    Once you get it, select the packages you want to back up.
    Then sync your iphone with itunes.
    When you have your new 3gs jailbroken, you should restore from a previous iPhone (if given the option).
    Download PKGBackup again (you shouldn't have to pay again) and click on restore.

    You should then have your cydia packages back.

    Good luck!

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