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Thread: Yes another battery question (3g) i'm sorry =(

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    Default Yes another battery question (3g) i'm sorry =(
    ok so i noticed today my iphones battery is really draining's the deal i just fully charged it and left it sit in stanby...according to my usage chart my battery dropped 5% in a matter of 4mins of stanby and 1min of there a way to find out what if anything is draning it that fast? i had winterboard on, but i disabled that, so all i'm currently running on the phone is sbsettings, my battery was always bad, but at this rate it'll be dead in a few hours...i do have yahoo on push, wifi on, location on and autobright, but i've had it that way for months now with no issues anytime before like this...the only thing i did differnt was install push fix off cydia and backgrounder (which i removed backgrounder pretty much right after incase that was the cause)...could it be one of those? again sorry for asking

    another quick question, i bought my phone used and i have it unlocked for tmo...anyways my warrenty is supposively up on 7/28, is it possible for me to try and take it to my local apple store to maybe get this battery issue fixed...i mean i know i'm gunna have to restore, but if i'm not the original owner and i don't have att for service, is this even possible?
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    hey i dunno of this is gonna help but ill give it a shot...

    i had the same problem with my 3GS and my friends 3G...we both watched our battery percentage drop in mere mins..

    and the problem we figured out was that we both had PUSH on for Beejive...

    when we turned the push off...everything was fine and the battery went back to normal

    so try turning your push off and using your phone....even though you might not be connected to wifi or 3G...the push somehow still drains your battery..

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