I just jailbroke my 3G (not 3GS) and installed TuneFX to try using it like I did with my 2G IPhone back in the day.

I have 3.0 installed and jailbroken, not unlocked, on ATT in America.

My itunes is version

I see that the TunesFXs website says that this itunes version can cause issues. When I try to send tones to my phone using the TuneFXs windows program and I get error messages that "no Iphone is connected, please redock" and that I need to install the ToneFX app on my phone yet it is already on there.

Are these the issues they speak of?
Also has anyone else been able to make this work with their similar setup?

Is there also something else that will let me set custom Text message ringtones?

Sorry for the length and thanks,