Okay, am I mental or did I just imagine having this feature? My girlfriend's in costa rica right now, so watching the minutes is pretty important, especially at 2.17$/minute to her cell phone if she's not at her host family's house. I remember on 2.2.1 being able to look at the phone while in a call and right below the name was a timer that was counting how long I was on the phone for.

Now, redsn0w update to 3.0, talking on the phone, and during a call, there is no number under the name, there's nothing actually. I can find the information out after the fact, just like everyone else, but it would be nice to have this information during the call so I can decide "okay, 2 more minutes is fine on my wallet" or "nope, too long, i need to go now before I'm totally broke!"

I /think/ it might have been in Supreme Preferences, but currently that app hasn't been upgraded to 3.0 status, so any time I try to get it in Cydia, I get the error stating that "This app is for <iPhone Firmware 3.0"

Anyone else out there who can help or at least verify my sanity? Thanks.