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Thread: Help with installing SNES ROMs?

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    Default Help with installing SNES ROMs?
    Hi, can anyone give me a step-by-step guide (including what to download, etc) on how to install SNES ROMs on my iPhone or else point me in the direction of a guide? I'm running a jailbroken 1.1.4 and I already have SNES4iPhone installed, I just need the ROMs. Thanks in advance!

    bump bump bump! just this last issue and i'm all set with my iphone!
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    I did a google search for "nes roms iphone" and lots of things came up, here is one:

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    I take it you have bsd subsystem and ssh, and have access to your phone via. winscp or a similar programme...

    if so, go to:


    create a folder called:


    inside ROMs create a folder called:


    the folders are case sensitive so exactly as i have written them (lower 's' on 'ROMs')

    dump your roms into the NES folder and away you go........

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    that's the thing, i don't know how to use winscp or how to access my filesystem. can you walk me through it? i already have BSD and SSH though

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    Default uploading roms help
    after downloading and installing WinSCP, open the program.

    -login as your iphones IP address (to see what your is-on your iphone, go to settings then wi-fi then whatever wifi is selected, click on the blue arrow and the next page says your IP) for the host name

    -the user name is root

    -the password is alpine or kittie (seems alpine has been more universal)

    then ok
    You should then be connected to your iphone

    to upload roms after downloaded (u must extract as iphones emulators usually don't load zipped files) simply like moving all files copy from left panel (computer) to right panel (iphone) so long as the default view is used(not remote)

    the key thing to make sure when copying is to name folders exactly
    to see what to name-open emulator on iphone and the program tells you where to put roms

    most roms(consoles)will be as follows:
    /private/var/root/Media/ROMs then appropriate folder for example:
    GBA - gameboy advance
    GENESIS - Sega Genesis
    NES - Nintendo
    SNES - Super Nintendo...etc

    all folders are case sensitive, be careful when naming folders, put exactly as emulator states
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