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Thread: Newbie in Question?! Do you know?!

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    Default Newbie in Question?! Do you know?!

    I just hacked into my iphone via following steps on Youtube. I have the Installer app, but it seems that none of the Games I want to install work. an error pops up saying "Error: package download failed: can't connect to host".
    I'm connected WiFi so it should be working?!
    Also, I have Tap Tap Revolution but its slow and most of the time i'll click something in the app and it will shoot back to my iphone homescreen. Is this normal!?

    any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I'm running 1.1.4


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    so you jailbroke 1.1.4, when you run the installer, and download the games, the install ok?


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    Are you running the newest version of Installer??

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    Yes, I used Jailbreak with Ziphone

    I click on my homescreen Installer
    then install..then games.... and then if i click a game and click install, then that pop up will show right when the download is complete.

    Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post
    Are you running the newest version of Installer??
    How do I find out?!
    I just used [ame=""]YouTube - how to easily hack iphone or ipod touch 1.1.4[/ame]

    Found It.... Version 3.0
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    Update your installer to the newer version, also....not all apps are currently working on 1.1.4

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    how do I update my installer? is it the update button in the installer? because it's blank when i click that?

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    installer auto updates.

    have you tried rebooting the phone, sometimes that helps


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    Installer does not auto-update.

    It will show an update is available for download, if it is.

    Also, if you are running 3.00, then you are not running the newest version, there have been a couple small updates to it, modding it for the newest firmware versions (1.1.3, 1.1.4). For example, I have v3.01, running 1.1.3. Installer 3.00 would not work on 1.1.3

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    sorry your right, that's what a meant...a complete thought put into incomplete words. I meant that when there's an update, it automatically tells you right away when you open installer. Thanks for clearing that up


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    got it all figured out.. thanks guys!

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    glad you got it all fixed!


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