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Thread: Looking to buy 4 Iphones 3G/3GS

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    Default Looking to buy 4 Iphones 3G/3GS
    This is probably my first post on this forum. Hence I don't have special privileges to post on iphone buy/sell forum, hence I found this to be the next most appropriate forum.

    Well, I am leaving from states in august 09, first week. I am planning to buy 4 iphones 3g/3gs for my family. Obviously,I can't buy with a contract. I am new to the world of iphone and I have been refered by a friend of mine to post the query here; hence, i need your help on to where to buy 4 of them without a contract. I think jailbreaking can be done using the forum support.

    Please tel me where Should I head to.


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    ebay. i cant imagine any of the members would want to sell their lovely iphones so thats probably your best bet
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    thanks for prompt reply. I think I can buy from ebay even when I am back to my home country. Isn't their any other option, because I think iphones are expensive in my home country, its about 600$

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    yeah, i dont know of anywhere else youll get a decent deal on four. unless you know someone at the warehouse in chin, at wholesale prices, in that case, hook me up too, i want an extra just as a backup, lol
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    lol..i wish i knew someone in the warehouse. But if something turns out for wholesale, we could buy you a backup.
    Well, if anyone has some contacts for wholesale, please let me know


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    You can buy them (iPhone 3GS's) without a contract from Apple or AT&T. I believe that it is $600 for a 16GB and $700 for a 32GB. I doubt anyone would sell it for less unless they really hated the 3GS.
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    Yup, Apple or ATT will be your cheapest bet at $600 or $700. Obviously.

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    The price is insane if not on a contract, through the contract it's paid for more over time but all at once? Wow

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    i can sell my lightly used 3g for $400

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    i think u can buy 4 iphones from att. open up a family line.. then when august comes, u tell them ur leaving the country and with proof, they will cancel your account free of charge.

    i might not be 100% correct, but somewhere along the lines of that. it should work

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    nope, you have to pay a fee (because its a contact)

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    ^^Only military can cancel early without ETF if they are called out. But you cant keep the equipment then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alek View Post
    nope, you have to pay a fee (because its a contact)
    i know theres a contract.

    but ive read online that if you move somewhere that the phone provider does not get service then that should get you out of the contract (makes sense right? why pay if it doesnt work)
    thats the point i was trying to make.

    and thanks CPJR, i didnt know you had to give your equipment back, thats more like the answer i was looking for. in that case, i guess my idea won't work.

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    Reason I know, had a buddy go into the Air Force then get sent overseas for a year. He got his cancelled and ATT gave him the option of paying the different between his subsidized price and retail to keep his phone (blackberry) or returning it....I think he got some type of refund on the phone not sure.

    Anyways, I know it was a huge hassle either way.

    PS- Point being ATT/Apple has thought of all the loop holes especially for the iphones, they arent gonna let someone from outside the US come over here, buy a handful of iphones for cheap and then run back home with them.

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