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Thread: Iphones needs apple repair.. but i need your help

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    Default Iphones needs apple repair.. but i need your help
    Ok so basically my iphone ran into a problem with the HOME button not working..and I think the usb connection is failing also.

    Current situation:

    *Iphone is not charging and is not detectable on my computers.. (no itunes detection either obviously)

    *Battery is pretty much fully dead. It shows the Plug -> lighting bolt graphic with a red battery indicating to plug it in to charge..


    *I will then plug it in..and the graphic will actually change to just the single lightning if it's now charging.. so.. the iphone shows that it knows when its plugged in through the USB..but it wont charge in my car.. or show on the computer.. VERY ODD..

    So basically i wanna just take it into the Apple store and then repair it or replace it..


    it's jailbroken
    hence the warrenty might go bye-bye

    When my phone does that small breif charge period.. it usually shows the plug to itunes graphic like i should restore it.. but as i said before.. itunes and my computer wont detect it.. so i cant restore..

    if i hit the on/off button unpluged will go to my spring board.. and i can acces it,



    What is the best way to try and restore my iphone through WINSCP?!?!

    i Tried just deleting the custom apps..and replacing the stock ones..but now the stock apps dont work.

    I know this is long..but i need serious help.

    thanks guys!
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    have you tried putting your phone in dfu mode using ibrickr, and seeing if you can restore it that way?

    any chance it's a faulty USB cable, not the port?


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    Quote Originally Posted by prybar View Post
    have you tried putting your phone in dfu mode using ibrickr, and seeing if you can restore it that way?

    any chance it's a faulty USB cable, not the port?

    Sadly I think the problem might be the Iphone is thinking the HOME button is STUCK DOWN..

    So when I press the on/off/sleep button or whatever.. it automatically goes into DFU..

    but sadly.. as i stated.. the computer does not see the iphone..

    itunes/ibrikr does not detect..

    and now my ssh doesnt work

    I have a new question..

    when my iphones dies and shows the big red battery icon with the plug to the lightning bolt..

    I plug it in..and it acts to charge..

    and i guess it does.. slowly..back to 20%ish.

    does your iphone need to have a ceratin amount of battery charge before it can be detected in itunes?

    I find it super odd how it will know when its plugged in to charge a bit..
    but wont know where it is in my itunes etc.

    also when i make my way back to my springboard after that slight charge
    then plug it in

    the battery doesnt change and show a lightning bolt... very odd
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    only 2 things i can think of then

    either A) take the phone apart yourself and try to fix the button, or B) run the battery down to complete death, and then if it doesn't turn on or accept a charge, perhaps, MAYBE they would just give you a new one (I personally doubt it, but you never know)

    Any chance you can pry the home key up, with a little screwdriver or something, that way at least, you could do the restore and take it back in stock condition



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    i am having pretty much the same problem but when i restore the Iphone the battery symbol and the lighning bolt goes away but then re-appears in a few seconds. Iphone is only 6 days old...Bummed

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    have you tried a different usb cable. mine bit the dust the other day. the batt was low, and when i would connect the phone, it would say fully charged when i know it wasnt. try connecting it with a different cable and see what happens

    if that doesnt work. you could always nuke it and bring it in
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    worst case i heard you can throw in the microwave for a couple of seconds, and that will complety kill your phone so it will def not turn on at apple. but thats worst case.. And if you do make a video and send me a link i would love to see some one microwave there iphone
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