So after having some problems with my sprinjumps not working in iNav, I go to cydia to see if there was an update and come across a cool package thats supposed to enable MMS on 2G iphones. So I hit install and it downloads and installs, and afterwards it asks me to reboot, so I hit the button. It starts to reboot and I notice that it is taking longer than usual. And then I see a flicker and see the boot logo reappear. This continues a few more times and I hold the home and power button to force shut off my phone. I wait 10 minutes and try to boot up again and no luck. I googled some things and I've read that my only two options are to either restore my phone or SSH it. I tried to SSH but it wasn't connecting like it was supposed to as said by multiple people while the logo is on. I cannot emphasize how much I don't want to restore, so any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.