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Thread: gauging interest

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    Default gauging interest
    Hi guys, just joined the forum and im trying to find out if i really wanna sell my iPhone 2G and upgrade to either a 3G or 3GS, anyone with these phones who have had previously used an iPhone 2G able to comment on the difference between them and if its gonna be worth it?

    I've been offered a 3G for a relatively decent price but was wondering if i should just go the full way and get the 3GS.

    All comments welcome and appreciated.


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    The 3G or 3GS are quite better phones than the 2g. The 3GS is of course the best so far. 2 times the memory, 50% more processing power and 2 times the storage of the 3G......

    Ive had all 3, still do....and if I had to pick 1 right would be the 3GS hands down. But it depends on what your looking for.

    1. Keep what ya got, spend nothing...dont upgrade contract.

    2. Spend some money on a 3G.

    3. Spend some money AND sign a contract for a 3GS.

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    I see, i hated my iPhone when i first got it as it was my dads old phone when my nokia n96 was stolen and ive grown to love it, so now i wanna upgrade it. I have a contract with O2 here in the UK which is much better than any of the iPhone plans they have here so ideally i'll be buying both of the handsets if im gonna be buying any of them. From what your saying the 3GS is the tool i'm after.

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    I just upgraded from the 3G to the 3GS and i find it much faster. The camera is way better and the compass is usefull when using the maps app. However for me the voice control rarely does what i tell it to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southfour View Post
    However for me the voice control rarely does what i tell it to do.
    I haven't once had it do something wrong/not recognize a command.. It even knew what i meant when i said "Play Artist Aphex Twin", and "Play Artist Explosions in the Sky" which can be tough being the length.. I use it all the time with my headphones because the holding the middle button lets you enter a voice command.

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