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Thread: Possible to record calls w iPhone?

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    Sad there's still no free way to record iPhone calls.

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    Default Found a simple solution
    I am not sure exactly what you want to do but I have recently discovered a service called Recordall | Call Recording Technology. You don't need any software and you can record from any computer or phone or iphone.
    Your calls are then stored in an inbox type of interface so it is really easy to play back, tag, share or do what ever you want.

    I hope this helps



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    Default Record a call
    Just want a free service or app that can record a call not some crazy monthly bill or minutes - My windows mobile phone does this with a click of a button on the phone itself. Wow Iphone can't even do a simple task! Wow so I found a not app for that....?

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    Default Good Advice
    Hi Folks, I'm United States Attorney General, Eric Himpton Holder Jr., and I just wanted to say I'm in concurrence with my colleague, Rebecca. It may be superfluous for you to consult with an attorney just yet.

    1. Consult Federal and State Law at the links my colleague, Rebecca, has provided.

    2. If you don't intend to actually DO anything with whatever you record, other than listen to it yourself, in private, and then delete it, you're probably okay (if a phone call is recorded in the middle of the forest and there's no one there to hear it, does it make any noise)? If, on the other hand, you plan on extorting someone or doing something that has even a remote possibility of pissing someone off, then you probably ought to do just as my colleague, Rebecca, has advised and consult with your favorite attorney.

    3. Just kidding about the Attorney General claim I made above. So, I'm not really Eric Himpton Holder, Jr.

    I'm just plain ol' Billy Bob, sitting here talking with my girlfriend, Missy, who IS an attorney and it pisses me off how she's always charging people for stuff they can find on the internet (WHEN THE STAKES ARE LOW--which they MAY be, in your situation). She didn't want me to use her real name but I did anyway. Okay, that's another lie.

    Rebecca: Bet you were starting to like me up until about the beginning of point #3...yeah? guess this means we're not colleagues anymore, huh? Sorry I did that. I just wanted to play the ultimate "one-upsmanship" move, and go straight to the USAG.

    I also wanted to mention that there is a hack for just about anything you want your phone to do...including making it so you can record calls. You just have to google it "hard" enough and be willing to risk that you might screw up your phone.


    Quote Originally Posted by rebeccakris View Post
    It is not necessarily illegal to record phone calls.

    I am an attorney and will try to help direct you to the correct information on this issue. However, as an attorney, I must note that this is not legal advice. If you are truly concerned about the legal implications of recording phone calls, you should seek the advice of an attorney as to both federal law and the specific laws of your state, as they pertain to your PARTICULAR circumstances.

    With that disclaimer-- depending on the circumstances under which you are recording phone calls, federal law, state law, or both may be apply.

    If state law applies, some states require that all parties to the phone call know that the call is being recorded (of course this is in MOST circumstances--there are always exceptions). Those states include: California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

    Other states only require that one party be aware that the phone call is being recorded.

    In all states, a person may not record a phone call to which he/she is not a party.

    For a state-by-state summary of these laws, go here: "Can We Tape?".

    Federal law generally allows the recording of a phone call so long as one party to the call is aware that it is being recorded. Again, there are exceptions. For a general summary of federal law, visit this website: American Legal Guide on Recording Telephone Conversations (USA).

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    There are several apps in the app store to do it. Check out PhoneTap--it's worked well for me so far.

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    Nothing is impossible.. I had an app on my Palm Centro that recorded as long as you had the memory to store it.

    Illegal? HAHAHA.. 90% of all people are doing "something" illegal in one way or another... Just my 2

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    The apps just don't/can't do what recordiapro does for me, and i've been using it for about 2 years now on my iphone. I've got hundreds of saved phone conversations as mp3's, LOL! As far as the legality issue, you have to get permission like i do with my clients. I ask them before and at the beginning of the recording. Here's a review of it:

    How to Record iPhone Calls Easily and Conveniently

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