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Thread: Listen to iPhone music via bluetooth headset.

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    Default Listen to iPhone music via bluetooth headset.
    I tired it and it works. now to find a way to not hear it on the iphone speakers and only through bluetooth headset. Updated version is the best plus it saves mins duh..

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    Pretty cool.

    I havent got my bluetooth headset yet though..

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    listen music iphone headset new solution BY Catarino
    1. make a call to try headset.
    2. Play a song on ipod.
    3. dial +++.
    works for me

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    If I'm not mistaking, even though it's bluetooth, it's not stereo bluetooth. The only way to get stereo bluetooth to a headset is with one of these...
    Jabra A120s - Bluetooth stereo adapter for wireless music streaming from your PC, home stereo, iPod or MP3 player
    or one of these...
    Jabra A125s - iPod approved Bluetooth stereo adapter for wireless music streaming from your iPod
    or one of these...
    PROVANTAGE: Zoom 4355-00-68F 4355 Bluetooth Receiver for iPods and iPhone
    I personally use the Zoom with a Motorola S9 headset and works fine as far as transmitting stereo bluetooth sound but I must confess that I really haven't tried to figure out how to use it for making and receiving phonecalls. I think I need to get someone to make some phonecalls back and forth for a while and try to figure it out.
    Now I don't know if they've done anything about this with the 3G iphone but again, I don't believe there's any way to get stereo without a transmitter/receiver setup, as of yet. But I'd gladly be corrected if someone has a work around. And even with that, there's no guarantee that it'll answer/receive calls depending on the headset you use. But you could always unplug the transmitter when a call comes in. That's what I've been doing so far, since I haven't learned the button selections yet on the headset or if it will even work.

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